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Low-Flow Toilets

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Re: Low-Flow Toilets

Dear Building Manager:

Our organization is striving to be recognized as a Green Business by the City and County of San Francisco. In an effort to achieve this designation, we are implementing several resource conservation and pollution prevention practices required by the program. By participating in this program, we believe that we are doing our part in helping make San Francisco a more sustainable City.

As a tenant in your building, we have limited control over contracts, maintenance schedules and fixtures, which impact our environmental footprint and ultimately, our recognition as a Green Business. We request your help in providing information relevant to our application as well as your support in the improvement of overall building efficiency. We see this as a wonderful opportunity for the building management to save money through reduced utility costs, while being an environmental champion. We understand that the City will provide technical support and financial incentives as needed to help the building management implement necessary practices. Specifically, we request your assistance in replacing toilets that flush at greater than 1.6 gallons per flush with high efficiency toilets (1.28 gallons or less per flush) and urinals that flush at greater than 1.0 gallon per flush with high efficiency urinals (0.5 gallons per flush or waterless).

The Green Business Program requires that all recognized green businesses be a leader in water conservation. Toilets are generally the largest water users in both residential and commercial properties. Efficient toilets use 50-80% less water per flush--an average savings of 19,000 gallons per year. This translates to thousands of dollars in annual savings on water bills, and an average payback in under 2 years! Not to mention, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission offers free technical assistance AND cash rebates up to $500 per fixture when you upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet or urinal. With all of the potential savings, there is no reason not to switch out old water-guzzling toilets. For more information, please visit the SFPUC pages on Commercial High-Efficiency Toilet Rebates and Urinal Rebates.

We request that you install efficient toilets and urinals, and do your part to maintain California's precious resource. We will call you next week to follow up on this request.


PS. You can find more information about the SF Green Business Program here: