How to Become a City Approved Vendor

Once you have achieved San Francisco Green Business Program recognition, you may be interested in becoming a City Approved Vendor. A City Approved Vendor is a business that has been approved to apply for contracts with the City and County of San Francisco through the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) as well as individual City departments.


Qualify to Do Business with the City

 The City has an annual operating budget of over $6 billion and OCA manages contracts valued at approximately $2 billion. These contracts cover the vast array of goods and services purchased to support City operations. At a minimum, in order to qualify to do business with the City a vendor must submit four documents which are included in the Vendor Registration Package, available as a PDF here


The Vendor Registration Package forms include:

  • IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification number
  • Vendor Number Request Form,
  • Business Tax Declaration P-25 form
  • Declaration of Nondiscrimination in Contracts and Benefits CMD 12B-101 form.

How the City Meets its Purchasing Needs

The City uses competitive bidding procedures to select vendors for onetime services, equipment and supplies, and reoccurring business needs that cover a wide variety of goods and services.

 For information about the current contracts available through the OCA please visit the Vendor Opportunities webpage. Additionally, City departments that require professional or consulting services conduct their own vendor solicitation and selection process with a Request-for-Proposal. Contact information is available for individual departments on the website for City Agencies.


Getting paid for your goods and/or services from the City

All new and extended/renewed contracts require vendors to accept electronic payments. The City’s goal is to make Automated Clearing House (ACH or "electronic") payments the norm for all City vendors. To sign up for electronic payment, visit


Supplemental Forms that may be relevant or required

  1. Minimum Compensation Ordinance (MCO) Declaration
  2. Health Care Accountability Ordinance (HCAO) Declaration
  3. Insurance Requirements
  4. Payment (Labor and Material) Bond
  5. Performance Bond
  6. Local Business Enterprise Program Application


For more information, visit the OCA frequently asked questions.