What is an Environmental Policy Statement? Do all employees have to agree to follow it?

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An Environmental Policy Statement states the environmental or sustainability policy of your business and includes the environmental principles and practices you implement. The policy expresses your commitment to being a green business and ensures that your business continues to implement green practices even when staff change positions or leave. Written policies are a way to ensure that environmental practices will still be in place when the business goes through the renewal process in three years.

Generally, employee practices are the more difficult measures to verify. An Environmental Policy Statement is one way to share your business' environmental commitment with employees and customers. Upon adoption of the Environmental Policy, we ask that you email a copy (including a signature of a responsible official on letterhead) to us.

We recommend that you send the policy to staff as a friendly reminder every 3-4 months, and add it to your employee handbooks. We find that employees sometimes need that reminder. An official written document also helps educate new employees.

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