WATER: How can I prepare for my water assessment?

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  • Review the Water Conservation portion of the checklist you have submitted and be prepared to show supporting documentation for checked measures.
  • Note how and where your business uses water (toilet flushing, dishwashing, showers, icemakers, chillers and cooling towers, irrigation, etc.). Determine your flow rates on all fixtures and devices. Please review the Water Conservation Guide for more information on identifying flow rates of fixtures.
  • If you pay your own water bill, review your water history and past plumbing maintenance, noting the average monthly cost and usage per person.
  • If you are a tenant, discuss your goals with the owner or property manager. Be prepared to meet with the manager and building engineer to discuss factors affecting the property's water usage.  See our sample letters to landlords.
  • Compile and review any maintenance reports from outside agencies that service any water-related process equipment (e.g., tunnel washers, icemakers, cooling towers).

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