POLLUTION: How can I prepare for my toxics assessment?

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  • Identify the location of hazardous materials in your workplace and safely dispose of them. These include janitorial chemicals, paints, inks, oils, automotive chemicals, spent fluorescent lamps, etc.

    Small businesses are eligible to use the City sponsored hazardous waste disposal program (also called the "very small quantity generator" program). Please call (415) 330-1425 or visit the Resource Conservation Guide for more information.
  • Submit your janitorial product inventory. The inventory sheet must include the following information:
    • Product name
    • Manufacturer name and product code (if any)
    • Ingredients list
  • You will be able to obtain this list from your janitorial service company. You can also use the product information included in the invoice and locate ingredient information from the manufacturer's website. Another option is to look for the janitorial products in your work space and note the ingredients listed on the label.
  • Make sure you are implementing the minimum measures in the Pollution Prevention section of the checklist and be prepared to show supporting documentation.

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