I am a tenant of a building. My landlord is responsible for the lighting and toilets as well as the cleaning contract. Can I mark these practices as Not Applicable, since I do not pay utility bills and have no control over the space?

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No, these measures cannot be marked as Not Applicable. Almost all recognized Green Businesses are tenants and lease their office space. You will need to work with the landlord or property manager in order to respond to questions pertaining to fixtures in your facility as well as cleaning and maintenance schedules and practices. Please see our sample letter to landlords for how to start working with your landlord in regards to efficiency upgrades.

If we determine that your business needs to upgrade fixtures in order to qualify for the recognition, you will need to coordinate improvements or upgrades with your landlord. Please note that the City offers rebates for efficiency upgrades and we will work with you and your landlord to identify the ones you qualify for.

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