How long does it take for a business to get recognized?

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It depends on several factors: how many practices on the Green Business checklist are already in place, how complicated the facility is (i.e. is there a kitchen, parking lot, or pool?), and how committed the business is to making the required changes quickly. Businesses are asked to commit to completing the recognition process within 12 months of their initial application, however this time frame may be extended due to extenuating circumstances and based on the discretion of our staff.

After you submit your checklist, we conduct an assessment over the telephone to provide a list of recommendations and schedule an initial site visit. The initial visits occur within 3-6 weeks of the phone consultation, based on the recommendations your business must implement. In addition to verifying checklist measures, this initial visit will allow us to determine which program experts (waste reduction, energy, etc.) may need to conduct further assessments. These assessments are scheduled within two months of the initial site visit. If your business needs to complete regulatory requirements or implement additional measures after the site visits, the timeframe may be extended.

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